Bumbling and fumbling with dumplings.

I cook well.  I tend not to follow recipes yet cuisinnovate with reasonable success.  But when it comes to really, really authentic Chinese food –  that is, stuff which is not a stir-fry of fridge remnants – I’m stumped.  And today I was craving basic dumpling soup.  Every other street-food stall in Singapore serves this stuff, but in London?  I’d probably have to go to some obscure takeout joint in some obscure lane to get the good stuff and then stand outside in the cold sipping it while feeling virtuous about my carpe diem adventurousness.  Or I’d have to go to Le Cûisìne Örìentåle where the chef would annoy me by fusion-ising it with, I don’t know, truffle oil and banana au jus.  An exercise in frustration both ways.

By the way, all fancy restaurant names must contain an accented vowel or be stolid and abstruse like Heston Blumenthal’s ‘The Fat Duck’.

But we digress.

So, craving comfort food, I decided to pick and follow a recipe to the bitter end.  After rassling with Google a bit, I happened upon Jen and her foodblog, Use Real Butter.  Her photography is a hardsell and I fell for it.

Then began more than 2 hours of fiddling around in the kitchen with rolling out the wrappers and stuffing them and folding them and then unfolding them and refolding them because they were overstuffed and then unfolding and refolding them because they were understuffed and then unfolding and refolding them because I poked a hole in them by mistake and… let’s just say that the post title up there is entirely autobiographical.  Still, at the end of the exhausting process, I finally had a few plates of dumplings all laid out.  This is one of them.

Uncooked chinese pork dumplings.

My first attempts at folding them. Some turned out to be Brad Pitt dumplings and some are Bubba.

Pan-fried pot stickers

Cooked up and swimming in oil.

They look pretty okay, and the taste delivers 100%.  So thank you, Jen of URB!  I can’t deny that the obscure takeout joint sounded pretty appealing while I was struggling with these, but hot damn do they taste fine!

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