Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor is a young woman who came out of nowhere in the early noughties and populated television in India with a rash of soap operas.  Her output was pretty formulaic – the shows invariably centred around the women in two moneyed, ultra-conservative families.  The concept of women’s lib seemed to be utterly alien to everyone involved.  In fact, all I ever saw the ladies on her shows do was

(1) weep endlessly as their fathers/husbands/in-laws mistreated them, and

(2) spend mindboggling amounts of time fasting and praying for their wayward husbands’ welfare.

Actually, now that I think about it, there was a third activity open to female cast members.  Some of them could also

(3)  glance evilly at the camera, assuming they had the misfortune to be cast as the vamp who was plotting against the lachrymose lambs in points 1 and 2.

Both categories of ladies spent the day dressed to the nines.  Going out to buy a bag of sugar?  Let me just put on my best silk saree and 10 kilos of gold first.  Glancing evilly at the camera?  Oh, can’t do that without diamonds the size of potatoes round my neck.  Weeping in my boudoir because husband thinks potatodiamondlady is hawt?  Wait, I need to put on this sequined dress and a million bangles first.

For a female who is an astute businesswoman and an exemplary entrepreneur herself, Ekta Kapoor’s women were preposterous, backward caricatures.  Somehow, she monetised orthodoxy and made regressive social mores aspirational.

I thought of her while in India last week.  Watching television with my grandmother, I realised that her legacy continues.  Practically every primetime soap opera still follows the formula she spawned.  I can’t honestly say how (if at all) this has affected India sociologically given that I’ve barely spent any time there in the past 15 years, but I can honestly say this: Ekta Kapoor, your shows suck.

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    shut up.shes da best n ur jelous, u nri say bad things???? dont c da serial if u dont want!!!!!! kya huaa tera vada is DA BEST…………. im going 2 spread ur site in fb n den no1 will reads it, u betta WTACH OUT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Niharika Singh says:

    Hi Manasi, Don’t take it wrongly but her serial are not too bad I feel.

  3. shyamal says:


  4. BOA sans underscores says:

    I was hair

  5. JignesBhai says:

    Kem chho Manasiben!

    Oh sorry, just looked at the blog title. You now have a faithful fan following on Reddit, thanks to your bro. You have beautiful hair.

  6. Redditor says:

    Very nice dear, only problem is dat u r gujrati so little bit hesitance is there in appreciating

  7. 526ina says:

    Thanks you. And those are exact reasons why I am a long time hater, since the Kyunki era.

  8. le_reddit says:

    le we redditors, le reddit secret group, le we know, le we so awesome,

  9. Manasi says:

    Right then, hello /r/India. Thank you for dropping by. Live long and prosper.

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