Romanesco broccoli or Roman cauliflower is a fractal vegetable

The 8 Stages of Cooking

Life in Singapore led me to think cooking was an optional skill.  Dirt cheap, nutritious food from a million billion cuisines was to be had at every street corner. England, however, is another story.   Here, you can have any two out of the triad of healthy, varied and cheap.  […] Read more »

Majaama Old Look

Disastrous Webmasters and a Poll

I desperately need a webmaster.  A webslave, rather.  One who knows what’s what and will make stuff happen.  One who doesn’t sweep down the information highway, leaving carnage in her wake.  One who won’t be a Giant Moron with +20 to Clumsiness like I was today. Read more »

Welsh Pigeon Federation Van

Saucepans and Technology

Absurdities in saucepans and technology. On Saucepans: I bought a saucepan yesterday and it came with an instruction booklet.  Being an upstanding citizen of high moral bearing, I read it. Is there such a rash of asthmatic fowl collapsing in kitchens across the UK that this safety tip was necessary?  How dire. Read more »

Two bookshelves filled with books.

If Words were People

Last evening, I was telling the husband that I enjoy reading Rushdie because he makes language dance and somersault across the page. His sentences frolic and pirouette in my mind. Like a kathak dancer at the crescendo of her performance, her Anarkali skirt swirling, the throb of her ghunghroo rising, […] Read more »

Tesco Tortillas (with preservatives)

Are Preservatives as Evil as Hitler?

About 7 weeks ago, I decided to experiment with Tex-Mex and purchased some tortillas from the supermarket.  All I had to do was roast up a chicken and the husband and I would be wrapped in the guacomolic embrace of a burrito. Except I forgot all about it and the poor tortillas languished in my […] Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

An Uncaped Crusader for the London Underground – 1

Let’s say you meet an acquaintance on the street, exchange hellos and ask about each other’s wife/baby/potted plant collection.  Then there’s a two second pause, but you can’t move off yet because the chitchat has been too brief.   So you work in a standardised conversational filler and a bit of small talk happens.  Finally you […] Read more »