Romanesco broccoli or Roman cauliflower is a fractal vegetable

The 8 Stages of Cooking

Life in Singapore led me to think cooking was an optional skill.  Dirt cheap, nutritious food from a million billion cuisines was to be had at every street corner. England, however, is another story.   Here, you can have any two out of the triad of healthy, varied and cheap.  […] Read more »

Cooked chinese dumplings or potstickers on a plate

Bumbling and fumbling with dumplings.

I cook well.  I tend not to follow recipes yet cuisinnovate with reasonable success.  But when it comes to really, really authentic Chinese food –  that is, stuff which is not a stir-fry of fridge remnants – I’m stumped.  And today I was craving basic dumpling soup.  Every other street-food […] Read more »