Green path tunnel in a forest

On Greens and Plants and Thumbs

Green. As words go, it’s pretty unappealing. It doesn’t have the smooth elegance of ‘incandescent’ or ‘dalliance’. Put it next to its monosyllabic brethren like ‘youth’ or ‘wheat’, and it still comes up wanting. Olive Right off the bat, it throws the hard ‘guh’ sound at you. Say ‘guh’ a […] Read more »

Romanesco broccoli or Roman cauliflower is a fractal vegetable

The 8 Stages of Cooking

Life in Singapore led me to think cooking was an optional skill.  Dirt cheap, nutritious food from a million billion cuisines was to be had at every street corner. England, however, is another story.   Here, you can have any two out of the triad of healthy, varied and cheap.  […] Read more »

Romanesco broccoli. Roman cauliflower. Fractal vegetable.

Christmas vegetables.

I am an enthusiastic, if marginally tuneful, warbler.  Round this time of the year, I bust out those carols like a pro.  The tune of the minute is ‘Winter Wonderland’.  This is because I actually hear sleigh-bells!  How Christmassy!  How joyeux noel!  How deliciously redolent of excited youngsters crowding around […] Read more »

Rainbow pattern on a tile floor


Leprechauns are wily little shoemaking pixies, each of whom has amassed a pot of gold.  Cobbling is clearly a well-remunerated profession – I know Christian Louboutin agrees. Traditionally, leprechauns have followed fairly eccentric banking practices, blatantly ignoring Wall Street shenanigans and economists who urge increased consumer spending.  Instead, their wealth […] Read more »

Autumn or Fall trees in red green yellow colours

Leaden in London.

Back in early November, I posted this photograph of autumn on Facebook.  It was the extremely happy-fying view from my window.  How can you not fall madly in love with a city that gifts you with those colours?  There was a lot of liking and ooh-ing and aah-ing in my […] Read more »

A mannequin on a building's balcony.

Great balls of Barcelona!

European cities are very… European.  Really old buildings line green avenues.  Mazes of narrow cobblestoned streets open up unexpectedly onto plazas where old men sit on benches and feed pigeons.  You turn into a dingy road and find yourself in front of a huge cathedral. The romance, however superficial, is […] Read more »