The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Key Bindings Download

I created a printable document of the PC hotkeys for my reference after being unable to find anything similar online.  Throwing it up here because I’m sure someone somewhere can use it. These are the default key bindings from CD Projekt Red.  Let me know if there’s an error or […] Read more »

Windows 8 Start Screen on Dual Monitor

Printable Windows 8 Hotkeys Chart

12 essential Windows 8 hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts in a printable chart. I’m trying to get used to the new Windows 8 hotkeys and put together a chart with the more common ones.  Here it is, if you’d like to print a copy out yourself. Download the PDF → The Printable […] Read more »

Welsh Pigeon Federation Van

Saucepans and Technology

Absurdities in saucepans and technology. On Saucepans: I bought a saucepan yesterday and it came with an instruction booklet.  Being an upstanding citizen of high moral bearing, I read it. Is there such a rash of asthmatic fowl collapsing in kitchens across the UK that this safety tip was necessary?  How dire. Read more »