Cover art for Green Day - American Idiot

Uncle and Aunty watch American Idiot

You’ve heard the Green Day album ‘American Idiot’.  High energy, jangly guitars, soaring vocals.  Clear enough lyrics that you can sing along easily, and just grungy enough that you can feel slightly devil-may-care, anti-establishment while doing so. I bring up this specific musical enterprise because we just saw the stage […] Read more »

West Okemont River in Dartmoor

How I almost won the Darwin Awards – 5

Parts one, two, three and four. ———————————————- There we were, despite all our precautions, lost on the foggy moors with evening approaching.  And I had just stumbled on a sheep skull lying in the mire.  Visions of a slavering spectral Holmesian hound prowling the plains for its prey swam through my mind. Now there are […] Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

How I almost won the Darwin Awards – 4

Parts one, two and three. —————————————- We had finally met the Dartmoor Mists.  As advertised, they snuck up on us in no time, with little warning.  One moment they seemed a mile away, the next moment, we were swathed in them, barely able to see each other. No matter.  We […] Read more »

The Red-a-ven Brook with mists in the background

How I almost won the Darwin Awards – 3

Parts one and two. —————————– Thus far, we’ve been witness to the dire warnings our explorers were given about Dartmoor and the start of their expedition. We were meant to follow the Red-a-ven brook for a while before veering off into the wilds.  This bit was easy.  When you have […] Read more »

Incredibly useful signpost.

How I almost won the Darwin Awards – 2

Part one ———————- Last when we left off, our valiant hero and heroine, armed with enough geolocation paraphernalia to support the Russian army, were boldly going forth where tons of people have gone before. We drove from London to Dartmoor with a stop at the Stonehenge.  Stonehenge is really very pretty.  […] Read more »