Windows 8 Start Screen on Dual Monitor

Printable Windows 8 Hotkeys Chart

12 essential Windows 8 hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts in a printable chart. I’m trying to get used to the new Windows 8 hotkeys and put together a chart with the more common ones.  Here it is, if you’d like to print a copy out yourself. Download the PDF → The Printable […] Read more »

Colourful gold and silver tins of tea arranged on shelves.


In Amsterdam over the New Year, some friends and I were chatting over a cup of coffee.  One of the company turned and pointed to the wall behind where tins of tea had been arranged on shelves.  “I bet that rack ends up on your blog,” said he.  Everyone in […] Read more »

Romanesco broccoli. Roman cauliflower. Fractal vegetable.

Christmas vegetables.

I am an enthusiastic, if marginally tuneful, warbler.  Round this time of the year, I bust out those carols like a pro.  The tune of the minute is ‘Winter Wonderland’.  This is because I actually hear sleigh-bells!  How Christmassy!  How joyeux noel!  How deliciously redolent of excited youngsters crowding around […] Read more »

A puppet pianist playing a piano

The saddest musician in Salzburg.

I was in Salzburg the past weekend with my cousin and her friend.  It’s an odd time of the year to visit the city as the hills aren’t really alive anymore.  (Forgive me, I had to do that.)  The surrounding Alps seem weathered by autumn and early winter, and you […] Read more »

A mannequin on a building's balcony.

Great balls of Barcelona!

European cities are very… European.  Really old buildings line green avenues.  Mazes of narrow cobblestoned streets open up unexpectedly onto plazas where old men sit on benches and feed pigeons.  You turn into a dingy road and find yourself in front of a huge cathedral. The romance, however superficial, is […] Read more »