Shakuntala in Amar Chitra Katha's Mahabharata

Don’t Read Amar Chitra Katha as an Adult

Sometime last year, I came across a beautiful hardbound box-set of the Mahabharata by Amar Chitra Katha. Obviously, I melted into remembrances of things past.  Misspent youth, neighbourhood kids, gulli-danda, all of that.  Not that I even know what gulli-danda is, mind you, but it sounds more sentimental than Catch-Catch.  […] Read more »

Two bookshelves filled with books.

If Words were People

Last evening, I was telling the husband that I enjoy reading Rushdie because he makes language dance and somersault across the page. His sentences frolic and pirouette in my mind. Like a kathak dancer at the crescendo of her performance, her Anarkali skirt swirling, the throb of her ghunghroo rising, […] Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor is a young woman who came out of nowhere in the early noughties and populated television in India with a rash of soap operas.  Her output was pretty formulaic – the shows invariably centred around the women in two moneyed, ultra-conservative families.  The concept of women’s lib seemed to be utterly alien to […] Read more »

A shy duck on grass with autumn leaves hiding its head

Capsicum curry and a duck.

(Edit:  Per request, recipe at the bottom.  It’s basic and easy and I feel totally self-conscious posting it.  I hope you’re happy, random Googler.) ——— Here’s dinner. Just look at those colours.  Riotously Indian, like Rajasthan on a plate. I would post a picture of the kadhi but it looks […] Read more »