Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene


Some time ago, I signed up for Twitter (@ManasiMajaama).  Their algorithms suggested my life was a barren wasteland that would be much improved by following @StephenFry.  The algorithms were right.  In one of his tweets, Fry suggested a website where I finally found good tickets for his soldout performance as […] Read more »

Majaama Old Look

Disastrous Webmasters and a Poll

I desperately need a webmaster.  A webslave, rather.  One who knows what’s what and will make stuff happen.  One who doesn’t sweep down the information highway, leaving carnage in her wake.  One who won’t be a Giant Moron with +20 to Clumsiness like I was today. Read more »

Online ad for bankruptcy

Internet Advertising

A few months ago, I uninstalled all adblocking software and decided to experience the internet with my browser au naturel.  Since then, I’ve been collecting snapshots of the ads that have been targeted at me, and boy do the advertising algorithms paint a sad picture of my existence. The very […] Read more »