Agnes Nitt from Terry Pratchett's Discworld

Agnes Nitt Meets Our World

This post will only make sense to Terry Pratchett fans. If you enjoy Discworld as much as I do, make sure you switch on your Smugness before you read on.  After all, why waste a good opportunity to smug it up?  You got the reference, champ! So, remember the witches […] Read more »

Cover art for Green Day - American Idiot

Uncle and Aunty watch American Idiot

You’ve heard the Green Day album ‘American Idiot’.  High energy, jangly guitars, soaring vocals.  Clear enough lyrics that you can sing along easily, and just grungy enough that you can feel slightly devil-may-care, anti-establishment while doing so. I bring up this specific musical enterprise because we just saw the stage […] Read more »