Green path tunnel in a forest

On Greens and Plants and Thumbs

Green. As words go, it’s pretty unappealing. It doesn’t have the smooth elegance of ‘incandescent’ or ‘dalliance’. Put it next to its monosyllabic brethren like ‘youth’ or ‘wheat’, and it still comes up wanting. Olive Right off the bat, it throws the hard ‘guh’ sound at you. Say ‘guh’ a […] Read more »

Romanesco broccoli or Roman cauliflower is a fractal vegetable

The 8 Stages of Cooking

Life in Singapore led me to think cooking was an optional skill.  Dirt cheap, nutritious food from a million billion cuisines was to be had at every street corner. England, however, is another story.   Here, you can have any two out of the triad of healthy, varied and cheap.  […] Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

How I almost won the Darwin Awards – 4

Parts one, two and three. —————————————- We had finally met the Dartmoor Mists.  As advertised, they snuck up on us in no time, with little warning.  One moment they seemed a mile away, the next moment, we were swathed in them, barely able to see each other. No matter.  We […] Read more »