Irrational Annoyances

I was built without the switch for strong negative emotions.  Not for me the roiling resentments, the jealousies that eat at the soul, the burning hatreds.  The best I can muster is a mild sense of annoyance, and usually even that dissipates over time. I thought about this today when […] Read more »

Cover art for Green Day - American Idiot

Uncle and Aunty watch American Idiot

You’ve heard the Green Day album ‘American Idiot’.  High energy, jangly guitars, soaring vocals.  Clear enough lyrics that you can sing along easily, and just grungy enough that you can feel slightly devil-may-care, anti-establishment while doing so. I bring up this specific musical enterprise because we just saw the stage […] Read more »

Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene


Some time ago, I signed up for Twitter (@ManasiMajaama).  Their algorithms suggested my life was a barren wasteland that would be much improved by following @StephenFry.  The algorithms were right.  In one of his tweets, Fry suggested a website where I finally found good tickets for his soldout performance as […] Read more »