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The Joys in Life

You know what brings joy to life, a smile to the face, and warmth to the soul?  Yes, the breeze on a hot summer day, no doubt.  And the laughter of an innocent child, true.  Okay, you can have your hug from a loved one as well.  But besides all […] Read more »

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The Weirdest Book I Own

The other day, I received an unexpected package from Amazon.  A book that is, without doubt, the weirdest book I own. L’apéritif a.k.a. The Title Did you know that Anthony Bourdain has written a graphic novel?  Neither did I until the postlady delivered it to my doorstep.  Imagine my bemusement […] Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor is a young woman who came out of nowhere in the early noughties and populated television in India with a rash of soap operas.  Her output was pretty formulaic – the shows invariably centred around the women in two moneyed, ultra-conservative families.  The concept of women’s lib seemed to be utterly alien to […] Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

Identity crisis.

I’m not sure what sort of blog this will turn out to be –  maybe a chronicle of existence or interests? Or even toilet-seat philosophy?  Who knows.  But I love food and so my first real blogpost will be about food. Although, I do love my husband more so maybe […] Read more »