Green path tunnel in a forest

On Greens and Plants and Thumbs

Green. As words go, it’s pretty unappealing. It doesn’t have the smooth elegance of ‘incandescent’ or ‘dalliance’. Put it next to its monosyllabic brethren like ‘youth’ or ‘wheat’, and it still comes up wanting. Olive Right off the bat, it throws the hard ‘guh’ sound at you. Say ‘guh’ a […] Read more »

Cover art for Green Day - American Idiot

Uncle and Aunty watch American Idiot

You’ve heard the Green Day album ‘American Idiot’.  High energy, jangly guitars, soaring vocals.  Clear enough lyrics that you can sing along easily, and just grungy enough that you can feel slightly devil-may-care, anti-establishment while doing so. I bring up this specific musical enterprise because we just saw the stage […] Read more »

Welsh Pigeon Federation Van

Saucepans and Technology

Absurdities in saucepans and technology. On Saucepans: I bought a saucepan yesterday and it came with an instruction booklet.  Being an upstanding citizen of high moral bearing, I read it. Is there such a rash of asthmatic fowl collapsing in kitchens across the UK that this safety tip was necessary?  How dire. Read more »

Hunter saying "Bravo bravo."

An Uncaped Crusader for the London Underground – 1

Let’s say you meet an acquaintance on the street, exchange hellos and ask about each other’s wife/baby/potted plant collection.  Then there’s a two second pause, but you can’t move off yet because the chitchat has been too brief.   So you work in a standardised conversational filler and a bit of small talk happens.  Finally you […] Read more »

West Okemont River in Dartmoor

How I almost won the Darwin Awards – 5

Parts one, two, three and four. ———————————————- There we were, despite all our precautions, lost on the foggy moors with evening approaching.  And I had just stumbled on a sheep skull lying in the mire.  Visions of a slavering spectral Holmesian hound prowling the plains for its prey swam through my mind. Now there are […] Read more »