Stephen Fry as Malvolio in Twelfth Night

Photo from the Guardian.

Some time ago, I signed up for Twitter (@ManasiMajaama).  Their algorithms suggested my life was a barren wasteland that would be much improved by following @StephenFry.  The algorithms were right.  In one of his tweets, Fry suggested a website where I finally found good tickets for his soldout performance as Malvolio in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  Score!

Unfamiliar with the Twitter ethos, though, I was now at a crossroads.  Should I thank him for sharing the website?  Does one do that on Twitter?  Or should I just quietly reap the rewards of his benevolence?  Wouldn’t that be churlish?  Also, what should I say?

“Thank you, Stephen.”

This makes me sound like his great-aunt Maude.

“I’m coming to watch you on December 8, so you’d better not fall ill or something.”

An accurate summary of my feelings, but it leaves something to be desired as demonstrations of gratitude go.

Don’t overthink it, I scoffed, it’s just Twitter.  I decided to go with what I’d typed up before getting embroiled in this existential quagmire of tweetiquette.  The product of my spontaneity read thusly:

“Thank you for sharing this, Stephen!  Dec 8 woop woop!”

Grandly, I hit submit.  I had partaken of communications with THE Stephen Fry.

I then proceeded to forget all about my Twitter account until one day, like a bolt from the blue, it hit me.  I said ‘woop woop’ to THE Stephen Fry on a public forum.  Woop woop.

My spontaneous self is clearly a paragon of articulate expression.

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