The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Key Bindings Download

I created a printable document of the PC hotkeys for my reference after being unable to find anything similar online.  Throwing it up here because I’m sure someone somewhere can use it. These are the default key bindings from CD Projekt Red.  Let me know if there’s an error or […] Read more »

Green path tunnel in a forest

On Greens and Plants and Thumbs

Green. As words go, it’s pretty unappealing. It doesn’t have the smooth elegance of ‘incandescent’ or ‘dalliance’. Put it next to its monosyllabic brethren like ‘youth’ or ‘wheat’, and it still comes up wanting. Olive Right off the bat, it throws the hard ‘guh’ sound at you. Say ‘guh’ a […] Read more »

Irrational Annoyances

I was built without the switch for strong negative emotions.  Not for me the roiling resentments, the jealousies that eat at the soul, the burning hatreds.  The best I can muster is a mild sense of annoyance, and usually even that dissipates over time. I thought about this today when […] Read more »

Elements of Style cover

Writing Descriptively – Primary School-style

I teach English to kids.  It’s gloriously fun.  You’re handed a kid who is terrified of his pen and you try to insert some education.  Sometimes, all you get at the end is a less incompetent linguist.  Which is just fine, by the way.  Other times, though, you get profusions […] Read more »

Agnes Nitt from Terry Pratchett's Discworld

Agnes Nitt Meets Our World

This post will only make sense to Terry Pratchett fans. If you enjoy Discworld as much as I do, make sure you switch on your Smugness before you read on.  After all, why waste a good opportunity to smug it up?  You got the reference, champ! So, remember the witches […] Read more »

daffodils in a blue vase

The Joys in Life

You know what brings joy to life, a smile to the face, and warmth to the soul?  Yes, the breeze on a hot summer day, no doubt.  And the laughter of an innocent child, true.  Okay, you can have your hug from a loved one as well.  But besides all […] Read more »